How to Stay Motivated to Reach Your Goals

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Hello You Magnificent Being, You

Being able to achieve the goals you set isn’t always easy. That’s why it’s incredibly important to be able to stay motivated- it’ll help you get what you want in the long term. In today’s day and age, it can be even more challenging to stay focused on reaching your goals. So, if you are looking for things you can do to help you stay motivated to achieve your goals here are 5 tips to consider:

1. Make Sure Your Goals are Yours

One of the most significant challenges in staying motivated and sticking to your goals is making sure that the goals you’ve set for yourself are ones that you truly want to attain. Often our goals are reflections of what others think we should do, rather than what we truly want to do. Make sure you are setting goals for things that will make you happy and are ones that you want to accomplish.

2. Visualize the Results

It’s important to clearly visualize the results you want in order to stay motivated in reaching your goals. When you visualize the results, think about how it will feel to reach your goals and what it will look like when you finally achieve them. Visualizing your goals will be what keeps you going through setbacks and challenges.


Well for starters, if you can’t see it, you won’t see it? Meaning, if you can’t see it in your mind first (aka visualize it), it will be very difficult for you to work towards it effectively.

Being able to first visualize yourself achieving the goal is what will help you actually believe that you can do it, and vice versa.

3. Tap into Other People’s Positive Energy

Surrounding yourself with positive thinkers who emanate positive energy is important to staying motivated in reaching your goals. We as people give and receive energy and inspiration, so by surrounding yourself with the positive energy of others you will be taking the extra step to making sure you stay in the mainframe of eventual success.

4. Get Organized

Not only should you organize and declutter your environment, but you should take time to organize your thoughts as well. Having an unorganized mind and environment will quickly zap your motivation and energy. Begin creating a to-do list to keep your thoughts organized and schedule specific times to complete each task. We have a habit/task tracker in The Self Help App should you desire to use it.

5. Stop Worrying About What You Can’t Control

When it comes to staying motivated in reaching your goals, it’s important to take control of what you can, and stop worrying about what you can’t. Playing the “what if” game you not serve you here. Don’t worry about things not being as perfect as they could be before you start or worrying about having all your ducks in a row.

Something I read from Judge Lynn Toler was “If I’d waited until I had all my ducks in a row, I would have never crossed the street. Sometimes, you’ve got to just go with what you’ve got”. And go I did.

I started writing my book and started my business even though I had a whole lot going on during that time that was not conducive to a successful outcome.

I did it though and that book I wrote got picked up and is now being sold by Walmart. And my business got me featured in Forbes Magazine and nominated for a Forbes list, amongst many other cool things.

So, the best thing you can do is let go of the things you can’t control and start focusing on producing quality work. Do YOUR part and the rest will find it’s way to you, just keep your eyes open.


Staying motivated to reach your goals is something that you can accomplish. Following these tips and keeping your end goal in mind will keep you excited and motivated and allow you to achieve anything you want!

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