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Do you dread the mere idea of not being perfect? Are you constantly battling burnout and anxiety to achieve nothing but perfection? Although it’s natural to strive for excellence, perfectionism can cause more harm than good in our lives. Here-go, it’s time to ditch that pesky need for perfectionism.

So if you want to know more about perfectionism and how to overcome it, keep reading!

1. Why Perfectionism Doesn’t Work

Perfectionism is a two-faced conqueror. It pushes you towards greatness but can also turn into a stumbling block. Here’s how perfectionism could be limiting you:

Delayed Action

In your quest for perfection, you may wait and wait until you’re “ready” to produce an immaculate piece of work.

Endless Worry

The desire for perfection can lead to obsessively worrying about even the minutest detail, causing anxiety attacks and nervous breakdowns.


Trying to reach an elusive level of perfection can lead to exhaustion, as you spend too much time and energy on one task.

2. How to Ditch Perfectionism

Ready to leave perfectionism behind? Here are some practical tips to help you get started:


The first step towards overcoming perfectionism is accepting that it’s an issue. Identify how it’s affecting your life and how it’s keeping you from achieving your dreams. Once you do this, you’ll be one step closer to healing.

Realistic Goals

Instead of striving for perfection, aim for realistic goals that are achievable. Break down bigger goals into smaller tasks and take one step at a time. By doing this, you’ll build up your momentum and discipline.

Celebrate Success

Focus on the progress you’re making, no matter how small. Count your accomplishments and learn from your mistakes. This will keep you motivated and focused.

Failure is your friend

Failure is a stepping stone to success. Use it as an opportunity to learn and grow instead of fearing it. Embrace the lessons and keep moving forward.

Just take action!

The simplest way to overcome perfectionism is by taking action. Start small, one task at a time, and move forward. Avoid getting bogged down in the finer details and focus on the bigger picture.


Perfectionism can restrain you from reaching your goals. As an accomplished goal-setter, I understand how it can impact people’s lives. By setting realistic goals, taking action, and embracing failure, you can ditch perfectionism and build the winning attitude required to succeed.

Start today! By embracing your imperfections and focusing on your strengths, you’ll have a better attitude and be more in control of your life while also ditching that pesky need for perfectionism!

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