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The Creator

Desiree' Stapleton



The Professional Bio:

Desiree’ is the Harvard Certified, 2x ’30 Under 30′ honoree and Forbes ‘Next 1000’ nominated creator of ‘Goal Accomplishment Made Easy’ and The Self- Help App.

She can be found in the 40th annual Forbes 400 magazine, Thrive Global, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, and more!


The REAL Bio:

Desiree’ is a CEO, Author, and Certified Master Life Coach. When she is not master-planning global impact, she watches numerous dance videos by Aliyah Janell and JoJo Gomez.. WAY too many, in fatc.

She sings Cheetah Girls songs like she is ChiChi and can be caught watching ‘Girlfriends’ with a glass of wine at any moment.

She is vegan most days and also not vegan most days.

She secretly wants to learn how to dance and get professional singing lessons, but also doesn’t want everybody staring at her… So there’s that.

One day the stars will align and she will pop up on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and release a mixtape.

When she does, you’ll be the first ones to know!

Trusted by brands and Entrepreneurs around the globe