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Many people are still trying to recover from the pandemic and I want you guys to still get the help you need. Click here to learn what I’ve set up for you!


I’ve worked hard to try to make my company a ‘one-stop-shop’ for your personal growth & development needs.

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Master Level Coaching

I’m Desiree’, and I am a Forbes ‘Next 1000’ nominated master level coach, author, and speaker who helps women mitigate the challenges in their lives so that they can produce + hit more of their goals. I can be found on NY Weekly’s 2021 ‘30 Under 30’ list as well as other prominent press and am looking forward to working with you! Head over to the ‘Work With Me‘ tab to view packages and rates.


“In living your life out loud like that, you have inspired all of us. And we are so proud to be in the midst of greatness.”

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