Desiree’ takes a holistic approach when consulting. As a Certified Master Life Coach, she will introduce areas for you to develop as well as provide you with the tools, resources, and strategies needed to succeed. Here is her cheapest offer.


You can expect to find courses that will help you grow as a person, as well as in various skillsets. Currently, you can register for our much loved ‘Overcoming the Adversity’, ‘Goal Fulfillment Strategy‘, and ‘The Internal: Personal Growth and Development Mini Course’, courses.


In the ‘Training‘ and ‘Resources‘ tabs, you can find supplemental tools and resources. Desiree’ offers communities geared towards personal growth and development, a podcast, books (authored and non-authored), and more.

Desiree’ Stapleton & Company


Desiree’ Stapleton & Company is a consulting firm that provides every-day people with tools and resources to help them achieve their goals and enhance their personal growth and development.


Importance of Becoming the Person Required to Get the Job Done


% your chance of success increases when you have an accountability partner

Desiree’ Stapleton & Company


Desiree' Stapleton


Desiree’ is a CEO, Author, and Certified Master Life Coach. When she is not master-planning global impact, she watches numerous dance videos by Aliyah Janell and JoJo Gomez.

She sings Cheetah Girls songs like she is ChiChi and can be caught watching ‘Girlfriends’ with a glass of wine at any moment.

She is vegan most days and also not vegan most days.

She secretly wants to learn how to dance and get professional singing lessons, but also doesn’t want everybody staring at her. So there’s that.

One day the stars will align and she will pop up on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and release a mixtape.

Until then, she will continue to consult and promote that “You have everything it takes to live the life that you envision.”- Desiree’

Desiree’ Stapleton & COMPANY

What We Do Best

Meeting You Where You Are

Plans of actions will be created based on where you are. We aim to provide an atmosphere where clients feel seen, heard, and understood.


We created a culture where solution-seeking is second nature. We are in the business of strategizing and automatically providing solutions to problems that arise.


Once we teach clients the habit of looking for solutions to their problems, our next step is to help them get better at solving the  problems that arise. We aim to inspire and empower.

Providing Plans of Action

When booking a strategy session, you will be provided with a holistic action plan comprised of ways to address past pain points, new strategies and techniques, as well as a plan for personal growth and development.

Creating Environments Cultivated for Personal Growth and Development

We believe that in addition to learning WHAT needs to be done to make your goals happen, you also need to focus on WHO you need to become to make your goals happen. Our communities help with that.

Providing Tools and Resources

We aim to provide you with tools and resources to grow and develop. Are you someone that loves to read? We also have a plethora of recommended reads on the topics of leadership, business, and personal growth and development.

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