Can You Relate?


Do you need help making your vision a reality?

Are you someone that knows your desired end goal, but are a bit hazy on how to actually get there?
Are you someone that isn’t really detail-oriented and needs help breaking the process down step-by-step?

Do You Lack the Confidence Needed?

Are you someone that is struggling with goal fulfillment due to limiting beliefs caused by past traumas?


do you need someone that can help you game-plan?

Do you have the “if I could just be given a chance.. If I could just get help getting into the right room, I can take it from there” mentality and need an accountability partner and someone to game-plan with?

Need Motivation?

Are you struggling because you aren’t motivated to do the work and/or are having trouble remaining persistent and consistent?

Do You Not Have The Time?

Are you someone that doesn’t have time to do all of the back-end research and would much rather be presented with a thorough and holistic action plan on the steps needed to take to acheive goal fulfillment?

This service is for you if you identify with any of the above statements. I address these issues and will:
  • offer you consulting where you will be provided with a fully detailed plan of action on how to attain goal fulfillment and address your pain points
  • as well as coach you on the mindset issues that are serving as a barrier to your success

Consulting Bundle

Learn More On Each Session


Discovery session

This is a 30 minute pre- consult call. Upon booking this session you will receive an intake form guided to give Desiree’ information about the services you request. During your session, you and Desiree’ will expound on your responses and determine if consulting with a Goal Fulfillment Strategist is a good fit.


Here, you can opt for either a 60 minute or 90 minute session. At the completion of your Discovery Call, you are able to book the remaining sessions included in the package altogether. In this session, Desiree’ will provide you with research gathered pertaining to your request as well as resources and strategies geared towards your specific goal.

You will receive a detailed and holistic plan of action that will include an outline of a personal growth plan to help you work on your pain points, potential avenues for goal fulfillment along with pros and cons of each decision, a list of contacts and resources, access to the Goal Fulfillment Strategy course that comes with a complimentary Effective Goal Setting “How To” course, one-year free access to the WORTHY+FAVORED community, and immediate consideration for Desiree’s private coaching group.


Accountability sessions

These are offered in 15-20 minute intervals. Please DO NOT SKIMP OUT on these calls. Follow-up is EVERYTHING. These calls will be very focused and geared towards success maintenance. DO NOT deny yourself the benefit of having 4 accountability check-ins. 


Consulting Package Pricing

The consulting package includes your Discovery Call, Strategy Session, and Accountability Calls, priced at $10,335.

*Offered separately is a limited time “Pick My Brain” session priced at  $1,000.*


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