How This CEO’s Purpose Was Manifested During Troubling Times

This time last year I reached my breaking point where enough was e-freaking-nough. I’d gotten laid off due to COVID only a few months after being vocal about a sexual assault that I experienced in the workplace, the person I thought I’d marry was with someone else and building a future with them, things weren’t great with my family, the freaking world was shut down, and I was in the-ra-py.

I felt meek, small, and disempowered. I felt vulnerable. Damageable. And for a moment as I sat in the car bawling, watching what I thought was “my whole life” slipping away, I felt a numbness come over me. I drove home not caring if I was hit by a semi or if I was pulled over by the police for not having insurance. I didn’t leave the house for weeks until my items of self-defense arrived at my doorstep. I felt that people could just come in and flip my life upside down and all I could do was try to salvage what I could.

I was numb. Then I was fearful. Back to numbness. And then auto-pilot.

After “sitting” in it for a couple weeks, I decided I HAD to do things that could help me get my power back if I was going to survive. Literally, survive. Remember, work, family, and my love life were the things that had the most impact on me and two out of three of those were gone with the wind, with the latter hanging on by a loose thread.

I felt so much dissonance between who I was and who I wanted to be, and what I wanted to see in my life versus what I actually was seeing. So, I took the necessary steps to start making decisions that were more in alignment with the vision that I had for my life.

I started journaling in the summer of 2020 and later turned that journaling into a book that was published that November. I started utilizing the aid that was being presented due to COVID and started my first business that is designed to provide people with resources to help them process, heal, and progress through the things that almost broke them. I started getting business consulting from a former top-selling corporate exec turned millionaire and learned how to do business the right way and build steady foundations. Shortly after that, I released a clothing line and my first course. By December and February, I’d been featured in different publications and started developing courses catered to the topic of personal growth and development.

Because of the success of those courses and my features, I started my second company: Desiree’ Stapleton & Company, a consulting firm that provides every-day people with tools and resources to help them achieve their goals and enhance their personal growth and development.

I have been featured in Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, FOX, CBS & NBC News, local publications, MarketWatch and more. I am a contributor for, a full-time CEO to both of my companies, and now have two mentors that are wealthy and have attained both financial and spiritual success.

I needed to “lose” everything last year in order for me not to have any potential barriers or restraints. I needed every-single-thing that happened, pandemic included, for me to be able to sit with myself and game-plan what it was that I truly wanted for my life. It was the first time in my life that I could really “go” for my dreams. I had nothing to lose. And so I did.

My name is Desiree’ Stapleton and I am an avid believer that you have everything it takes to live the life that you envision. To get back on track after a storm, click here.

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