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If you’re anything like me, you envision a certain life for yourself. You want to be able to take care of yourself and others a certain way. You want to be able to live a certain way. You want to make a certain level of impact in the world and you want to have a certain amount of money entering your bank account. You want the people that come after you not to have to experience some of the things you did.

Given that I know these things about you, I also know that sometimes it feels like you just can’t seem to get the help you need to get where you want to go. You know you have this bright life ahead of you, but from the outside looking in, you can’t really tell that. People say you have potential, sure, and think to themselves “they’re going places”, but that’s kind of where it ends. You’re not making the money you want to make, yet. You aren’t dressing the way you want to dress, yet. You don’t live where you want to live, yet. You’re in transit- and a lot of times when we are in transit, people don’t invest in us.

Why? How many people talk about what they’re gonna do and end up never doing it, even for seemingly small things? How many people have told you about an idea of theirs and you follow up a couple months later and they don’t know what you’re talking about? Unfortunately, most people invest in us when they start to see our success, not when we’re working to get there.

How many of you have been pitching your worth to people? How many of you have been pitching people on why they should give you a chance? How many of you are like “I don’t have this, this, and this, yet but if you could just help me get to the door, I’ll find my own way in”?

I’m talking to those of you that are seriously saying “if I could just get a chance, I’d run with it and never look back. Failure isn’t an option”, and have “drop everything and go make this happen” type of urgency. 

Here’s a mindset shift: instead of essentially begging people to see your worth for opportunities, create them yourself. It sounds harder because it can be deemed as a harder thing to do, but it’s worth it.

Who can tell you “no” when you’ve built it yourself? Who can fire you? Who can take it away?

At some point, enough is enough and we have to take matters into our own hands. 

How many opportunities do you need right now that you are relying on someone else for? How many of them can you try to produce yourself?

What areas of your life can you take more initiative in?

What’s one thing you’re going to “go for” now that you have a new perspective?

Fill in the blanks: “I’m going to start my own ______________.”

“I’m going to _____________________.”

“I’m going to _____________________.”

“I’m going to _____________________.”

“I’m going to _____________________.”

You got this. “You have everything it takes to live the life that you envision”. – Desiree’ Stapleton

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