Are you tired? Are you overwhelmed? Are you losing hope? Are you sad? Hurt? Disappointed? Numb? Over it?

Have you ever found yourself crying for seemingly no reason?

Do you feel like there is weight on your shoulder or that you just wish things were easier?

Do you feel like you’re reaching a breaking point and need things to lighten up?

I think we all have, at some point.. Sometimes a lot of things can happen at once and it’s just too much to handle. Things can happen back to back and it’s like “dang! At least let me recuperate from the LAST THING before you throw me something else”. 

It’s understandable for you to be at your wits end. 

It’s understandable for you to be “over it”.

It’s understandable for you to have lost a tiny piece of hope or glimmer in your eye.

But let me ask you this: do you want to get out of it? The funk? Do you want things to be better or has part of you already given up? An answer of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ are both justified- it’s the wild-wild-west out here sometimes. But, if there’s even a sliver of you that wants to get out of this funk you’re in, keep reading. 

You’re a fighter- a tired fighter- but a fighter nonetheless. Below are questions that will sure-fire help you get out of a funk.

1. What do I need to be okay?

Alright, babe. Whip out your phone, iPad, computer, or pen and paper- you’re going to be writing some things down. First things first, what’s “wrong”? What are the things that have gotten you into a funk? 

If you can’t necessarily pinpoint what happened, think of the last time you were okay. Now, what happened after that? Those may be the things that have thrown you into a funk.

Now that we know what went wrong, we can better help determine what you need in order to get you out of your funk. You know now what went wrong, now what would you say you need right now in order to be okay? What would you need in order for things to be back to normal or the way you want them to be?

2. What do I need to feel in order to be okay?

Pay attention to how you’re feeling and how those feelings have progressed. Were you upset at first? Then hurt, disappointed, sad, numb, then apathetic? What was the trail of emotions that has gotten you to this point? 

What would you like to feel instead? What do you need to feel in order for you to be at your best again? Or at least, happier?

3. How can I go about both in a healthy and productive way?

You’ve got a lot more life to live and neither of us want you to live it in a funk. One of the keys to getting out of a funk is having self-awareness- that is what I’ve been helping you gain throughout this. Now that you know what you need in order to be okay, and what you need to feel in order to be okay, now it’s time to gameplan how you can go about making that happen in a way that is conducive to the outcome you are looking for. 

Have the answers to these questions but need help making it happen? You’ve got what to do but if you want help with learning how to do it, click here and I’ll walk you through it myself. 

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