Unlocking Your Inner Badass: How to Gain Confidence, Momentum, and Get Into a Groove

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“King Kong ain’t got SHI* ON ME!”- Reverand Denzel Washington

Ladies and gents, we gather here today to summon the energy Denzel Washington’s character had in this scene of Training Day. That said- because you know I’m not one to drag things out- here are 3 ways to help you unlock your inner badass.

1. How to Gain Confidence

If you read my ‘How to Gain Confidence in Your Own Abilities & Instincts‘ blog you know that gaining confidence in your own abilities and instincts is key to achieving the best potential and greatness that lies within you. You need to be able to trust yourself and your skill-set in order to handle life’s challenges well or be seen as someone who can make a positive difference and/or impact people’s lives. If you don’t have confidence in your own abilities and instincts, others won’t either, and you could end up feeling like you’re being held back from the things you truly want out of life even though you know you have what it takes to make things happen.

So here’s a quick snapshot of that blog post:

Step 1: remember your past successes and accomplishments

Step 2: do things that wull get you closer to your desired outcome

Step 3: pay attention to your body and discern what it may be trying to tell you

2. How to Gain Momentum

As you can imagine, “winning” feels good. Being consistent feels good. You doing what you said you were going to do feels good. All of these things can encourage you to keep up the good work.

But how do we gain momentum? How do we start picking up the needed traction? Life is reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaal good at throwing a sista unwanted curveballs. So, how do we stay on track and keep our momentum going?? (You and I both know it’s easier to keep going than it is to stop and try to start back up again).

Step 1: you need to get an accountability partner

When I say accountability partner, I mean someone that actually specializes in the results you are trying to see. I say this because there’s a different level of commitment involved when you contract the services of someone whose job is to help you get from point A to B. When you’re solely relying on a friend or colleague, you can only go so far. You need a specialist to take you the rest of the way.

Step 2: pay attention to what typically stops you form picking up traction

If you read my ‘Ignoring These 3 Things Will Undermine Your Productivity Every Time’ blog featured on Entrepreneur.com, then you know that your inner circle, habits, and mindset are three major areas that typically cause people to lose momentum.

A good resource of mine that can help with all three of those areas is called The Self-Help App. In the app, you’ll be able to track the progress of your goals, share your wins and #receipts with other go-getters, and receive access to ebooks, courses, videos, productivity tools, and more designed to help you win in the personal development department.

The app is designed to help you build yourself to become the person required to “get the job done”. The App Store download can be found here and the Google Play Store link can be found here.

3. How to Get Into a Groove

Step 1: Do one thing everyday that will get you closer to your desired outcome

What’s one thing that you can do every day to get you one step closer to the outcome you’re looking for? If you’re using the premium version of The Self-Help App, you’ll be able to track your progress daily and view how long you’ve consistently been taking the right actions. You’ll also be able to see what days you fell off track and document what happened.. Being able to visually see your ups and downs throughout the month will help you become more aware of how you’re actually doing and give insight into where you may need a little extra help.

Start small. List out things that you can do to advance your position in life, then every day pick something off of that list for you to complete that day. All you’re doing here is doing things to help you get the ball rolling.

You got this! Believe it or not, this is how many of us develop our Boss B*tch energy. I’s trial and error!

Need support in utilizing the strategies taught here? Get my ‘Goal Accomplishment Made Easy’ system for 67% off!


Support and Accountability

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