One of the questions that people often have when they start becoming serious about striving for success if how they can measure if they are successful enough or if they are doing enough to achieve their goals. Often times, if you are going at things alone, you’re not sure if you are where you should be during certain times- thus the question of “am I succeeding”?

Or, if you get caught up in the glam of social media, your query of how successful you are comes from what you see other people doing. When people compare themselves to people they see on social media, they never seem to measure up, particularly with those who have already achieved success. So, what do you measure against? 

Each person is different and each success story is different. It is impossible to compare your journey to anyone else’s, so you have to do something else entirely. You have to compare yourself to yourself

1. Compare your current self to your past self

No matter what goal you are pursuing, or what end you are looking for, tracking your progress will allow you to see how different you are today from where you started originally. 

If you are trying to lose weight, tracking each pound lost will give you motivation to continue even through the hardest times. If you feel like giving up because the income stream that you have been working on isn’t nearly as large as you thought it would be, checking out where you were a year ago can put the present in perspective. 

The bottom line is that when you want to measure your success, don’t measure it against other people. Other people may have had different opportunities, different skills and different circumstances that affected their progress. 

Instead, compare yourself to your past self. If you have improved, then you are on the right track. If you have improved more than you ever thought possible when you started, then you can call that a huge success!

If you are better off now and are well on your way to reaching your goals, then you are successful. Period.

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