As a Performance Coach and Certified Goal Success and Life Purpose Life Coach, I know that the one thing that helps people get out of a rut or help them feel like their life has meaning, is if they feel like they are making some kind of progress in life- to feel like they are moving forward or at least crossing things off their list that they always said they’d do one day.

Many people haven’t taken the time to sit down and decipher what their life purpose is, so the next best thing is to at least be able to handle their day-to-day activities while trying to add in ways to be more productive and get the ball rolling on a goal of theirs- “we can figure out the rest later”. Many people don’t have one single objective or this “big dream”, and sometimes, that can leave people feeling a little listless and directionless.

But here’s the thing: meaning doesn’t have to come only from grandiose goals or figuring out your life’s mission- neither does a sense of purpose. Meaning and sense of purpose can come from small things too, depending on how you approach them.

So whether you are all over your goals like Kanye on Pete, or are just trying to see a little bit more happen for yourself, I’ve got three ways to help you move the needle forward in your life.

1. Be honest about your current situation

Okay, have you ever wanted to go somewhere but didn’t know how to get there?

What did you do? You pulled out MapQuest, Waze, Maps, a Map, or Google Maps and type in your destination right? You also had to type in your current location so that the GPS could tell you exactly how to get there form where you currently are. So, that said, in order for this to work, youneed to be honest about your situation. Whatever it is that you are looking to improve, is what you need to be brutally honest about the current status of. Now is not the time for toxic positivity or future-facing affirmations (even though I LOVE sayings like “I’m not broke, I’m pre-RICH”- YASSS, SPEAK THAT THANG INTO EXISTENCE- but right now you are broke, and we need to address that in order to get to where you’re trying to go).

So take inventory- what are you looking to work on? What results are you looking to attain?

Use this worksheet I use in my ‘How to CRUSH Your Goals‘ course to map out what 3 areas in your life you would like to work on.

2. Do your research

Alright, you’ve got the three areas of your life that you’d like to work on, now it’s time to start doing your research on how to make this thang happen. In my feature with Thrive Global on helping women crush their goals, I was mentioned to have an inspiring success story because I have been on both sides of triumph and faliure, not just one or the other. So don’t think I’m just giving your frilly advice here- I wouldn’t tell you what I wouldn’t pay top dollar for someone to tell me.

Now that you’ve got the three areas of your life that you’d like to work on, it’s time to start doing your research on how to make this thang happen.

Do your research.

Are you looking to achieve more life goals, stop procrastinating, build success habits, or improve your mindset? If so, you need to research what all goes into that.

In what time frame can you accomplish this goal in, according to research? What all do you need in order to make this goal happen and where can you find it?

How can you go about getting what you need?

3. Make your plan

What do you have working for and against you right now in regard to making this goals happen?

What all do you need to succeed?

Some may not like it, but a part of coaching is having your coach help you facilitate your own greatness. They walk alongside you and serve as a soundboard for your ideas, and walk you through how you can achieve the results you are looking for.

Some prefer, consulting, which is being told exactly what needs to be done and by when (my fav when my brain is tired and I don’t have NO extra for NObody).

The reason I bring this up is because if you are about to venture into something you haven’t done before, your chances of success will drastically increase when learning from someone who has already gone ahead of you (it also significantly reduces the amount of time it will take for you to see success). Getting help reduces the anxiety of not knowing what you’re doing and wondering if you’re on track, or if what you’re experiencing is normal for people that are in your same position.

  1. So when making your plan, consider also finding communities that you can join where you can speak to other people who may be facing the same things as you. ** One of the reasons my self-help app (The Self-Help App) has been successful is because it not only helps people with their mental while on their journey of success, but it also allows members on the ‘Premium’ plan to be in community with everyone else that is also working towards a goal. It allows them to post their progress (for their own record, or for praise) and it allows them to track their progress. **

If you need help implementing the strategies you learned here, join my Goal Accomplishment Made Easy Implementation Hub for $7!


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