I’m sure you’ve heard the term ‘limiting’ beliefs before right? Everyone seems to be talking about it. But, in the event that you haven’t heard the term and/or don’t know exactly what it means, limiting beliefs are the things we tell ourselves about what we are and aren’t capable of. And mostly, it’s tied to some kind of unpleasant experience.

So here’s what I want you to do: remove any and all distractions for the next 15 minutes.. This will only take about 5, but trust me, you’re gonna be a ball of emotion soon so you’re gonna wanna have the space to wade through that.

Okay, here we go!

Question 1: what do you strive for and what do you try to avoid?

Example responses:

  • I try to strive for what I view the most ideal circumstance to be (perfectionism) and avoid putting myself in situations where I feel I could be judged, reprimanded, or criticized.
  • I aim for success and avoid feeling like I’m not being productive or doing anything constructive
  • I strive to make the people that I actually care about happy and try to avoid feeling like a bad person if I want to put myself first

Question 2: really quick, when you were growing up, who’s love and attention did you crave for more? Mum or dad?

Example response:

  • Mum

Question 3: what did you feel like you had to do in order to get that love and attention from them?

Example responses:

  • Be perfect. Have the answers and not make mistakes
  • Show them that I’m someone you can love and be proud of
  • Put my feelings and desires on the backburner because theirs seemed to be more important and I didn’t want to be guilted or chastized for an endeavor I wanted to make I strive to make the people that I actually care about happy and try to avoid feeling like a bad person if I want to put myself first

Question 4: how many of the things you felt like you had to do back then are things that you feel like you have to do now, not just with that person?

Example response:

  • All of them. They aren’t necessarily tied to just them anymore though. I feel like this is just how I am in all situations. It’s just who I am.

Question 5: you know that you have free-will now and are allowed to release yourself from those childhood pressures. Are you ready to?

Example response:

  • Yes

Question 6: who could you be without some of those thoughts and un-released childhood pressures?

Example response:

  • I could just be me and feel great about it. I could say no and not feel bad afterward. I wouldn’t tie my sense of worth to an accomplishment or what I’m able to produce for myself or others, and I wouldn’t involve myself with romantic partners that don’t show me the endearment I really want but have been “okay” with not having because I never had it to begin with.

Question 7: are you gonna need help?

Example response:

  • HECK yes. I need someone to hold me accountable.. I’m not about to undo decades of being a prisoner of my own mind without some actionable steps and someone to help make sure I stay on track.

If you answered “yes” then you have two options here. You can book me as your accountability partner or you can book me as your coach. See the info below to learn more about me and after you do that, let’s-get-started. Life opens up when you realize the door for you to escape has been open this whole time <3.

Now before we go, I’ve got one last question :).

Question 8: what new beliefs would you like to set in stone?

Example responses:

  • That I’m dope regardless of if anyone confirms it and regardless of if I’m being criticized or met with undesired commentary
  • That I am worthy just as I am and that I can show up as myself and not have to be politically correct or polished
  • I can say “no”, mean that poop, and not feel bad about it
  • I can do what’s good and healthy for me and not always use myself as a vessel of self-sacrifice because I’m used to people not respecting or taking my boundaries seriously.

Find someone to hold you accountable, seek therapy to help you tap into any unhealed trauma, and look for a coach that can help you facilitate your growth and see the results you are looking to see here. I happen to be one of them and I can’t express enough how great life can be when you step outside the cage and experience all that is now available to you <3.

Welcome, welcome! I’m Desiree’, and I help millennial and Gen X women wade through the poop and CRUSH their goals 🔥

Life happens. To ALL of us.

And I’m here to help:

  • you gameplan how to eradicate the things in your life that pull you away from the life you want
  • you gameplan how to accomplish your goals
  • hold you accountable to doing what you say you need to do


Desiree’ Stapleton is a Certified Master Life Coach, Author, and CEO that coaches millennial and Gen X women wade through the poop and CRUSH their goals.

After going from suicidal ideation, shrinking herself, and suffering in silence in 2020 to taking steps towards creating the life she wanted to live and making two 30 Under 30 lists in 2021, she now uses her experience to help others learn to overcome the barriers that prevent them from living up to their potential.

In addition to being a Certified Master Life Coach, she is a Certified: Mindfulness, Happiness, Life Purpose, Goal Success, Professional, and Mental Health Life Coach.

About me:

In May of last year, I lost my job, my life was a barely contained mess, and I’d faced so much that I was on the cusp of losing my mind. But by the grace of God (and three months of therapy), I did the mental work I needed to do to heal, get whole and be happy.

It sounds simple, but of course it wasn’t. It took a lot of intentional work. 

I knew what I’d always envisioned my life looking like, and I identified the actions that were holding me back. Then, I threw a lot of spaghetti at the wall, trying to figure out what would work and what wouldn’t. It was an arduous process, but once I started seeing success in certain areas, I created courses to help other people going through similar things. 

By May of this year, I’d successfully put most of my demons to rest, launched two companies, published my first book (now sold in Walmart), made two 30 Under 30 lists, and will be in Forbes Magazine NYC Print Edition. 

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