The Quickest Way to Ensure No One Reads Your Email

Are you hitting a wall and wondering why your subscribers aren’t opening your emails or responding the way that you want?

One of the many feats new entrepreneurs face is a lack of clients and customer involvement. They’re just starting out and they need some eyeballs on their products and services so that they can eat something other than Ramen.

There’s all kinds of info on the inter-webs about do’s and don’t’s and it can get kind of confusing, honestly. So let’s start with the basics.

Pros of having an email list:

  • it’s a good way to keep track of past and potential customers
  • it’s a group of people that OPTED-IN, meaning they SIGNED UP to be contacted about what you’re offering
  • YOU own it- whereas when using social media campaigns your efforts go to waste if there is a change in policy

If you are a business owner, you know this. You probably have an email list already or know a few people that would probably like to be on it. For those of you that are looking to grow your list, hang with me, I’ll get to that at the end. But for now, let’s focus on those of you that have a list. What you need is for people to open, read, resonate, click, and buy. So let’s walk through that.

Step 1:

We need them to open that bad-boy… Surprisingly enough, many forget this step.. That email could be the most life-changing thing on the planet, but it’s going to remain a secret if it never gets opened.

Food for Thought:

  • If they’re not overly enthusiastic to begin with, they might stay that way. That’s okay, don’t harbor on those people..
  • Don’t spam people. What do you do when the same name keeps aggressively popping up on your phone?
  • Pick a good subject line. With practice, you’ll learn your audience and what types of “zingers” they respond to.

Step 2:

Okay, they’ve opened the email. Now we need them to read it, or at least skim it.

Food For Thought:

  • Try to keep the message concise.
  • Keep it positive and uplifting. No one wants to feel like they should go jump off a bridge after reading your email.. No matter what industry you’re in.
  • Make sure you not only talk about the problem but provide your solutions.
  • Give a ‘call to action’, meaning you invite them to do something. Well-known examples are “Click here to __”, “Register Now!”, or “Sign Up to __”

Step 3:

Boom-shaka-laka! They skimmed/read your email! But did it resonate with them or did it make them roll their eyes or log back out?.. You’re likely to get any of these responses at any given time, but let’s chat on how we can improve our chances of getting our subscribers to feel what we intended them to feel.

Food For Thought:

  • Don’t belittle them or make them feel bad about their life choices. There’s a way to let people know that they need to get their ish together without rubbing their face in it and saying, “bad dog, BAD DOG”.
  • Are you providing them with solutions to the problems they have versus the ones you hope they have because that’s what you have a solution for?
  • How’s your tone?
  • Do you sound like you have your ish together??

There’s literally so much with this one, but, the quickest way to ensure no one reads your email is to be in-genuine and un-authentic.

Are you a hot mess portraying as otherwise? They’ll know.

Are you winging it or ‘throwing spaghetti at the wall’ and seeing what sticks? They’ll know.

Do you have a one-track mind, i.e you’re only concerned with making that sale? They’ll know.

People know when they’re ‘getting got’. You feel it when you’re not being listened to by people that claim to have an answer for a problem you never got a chance to tell them about..

Step 4:

I love this one.. “Gone and click that link, sis”. If you get here, you’ve done a pretty good job, my friend. Congrats, they resonated with your message and want to know more!

Food For Thought:

  • You’re not done yet! Don’t slow down just because you’re coming up on the finish line and there’s no one beside you!
  • Make sure your links work and that the page they are being directed to is fully functional.
  • Drive home the importance of your solution and how exactly everything will work.

Step 5:

In my Tiffany Haddish voice, “THEYYYY READYYYYYYYY”. You did it, sis. Not only did your subscriber make it through the whole process, but they were also ready to buy at that moment!

Food For Thought:

  • Don’t let the fun stop! What other problems does your audience need solutions to? Provide them! People prefer being able to go to one place that has everything they need versus hopping from one place to the next! Plus, they already know you provide great service or have a great product!

So, sis, this feels like a long article to me, but I want you to leave knowing something. Entrepreneurship is trial and error and the only way to get it right is to get started. You can’t “perfect your craft” if you don’t start.. So start, be yourself, care about the work that you are doing, and aim to add value and make a difference.

I hope this helped you, boo.

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You’re welcome 😉


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