Contrary to popular belief, performance coaching doesn’t always promote “hustle” culture and it isn’t always about propping you up to be a spitting image of perfection. Sometimes, sometimes it’s about how we can work together to make life just a little bit sweeter. And sometimes, my dear friend, making life just a little bit sweeter means taking time to unplug.

We can’t perform at our best when we are wound up, stress, anxiety and fear-driven, or tired- so taking some time away to unplug is necessary for you to be able to perform and produce at the rates you desire to. Taking time to unplug is no different than needing internet to be efficient at your job. It’s an integral factor to your ability to perform at the rates you need to, so don’t think it’s irresponsible or selfish.

Suprisingly enough, many people feel guilt when they aren’t working, doing something for their future, or being “productive”- and that, my dear friend, is a sign that you may need to take more breaks.

Your worth is not strictly attached to what you are able to produce or be to someone.

Sometimes, it’s okay to just be and not do.

Everything that is on your checklist will most likely still be there when you get done unplugging, but just in case you are in a situation where you need to unplug and things still need to get done now, here is how you can responsibly unplug from your responsibilities and take a break.

1. Communicate

Giving people a heads up before you go off the grid is the most responsible and respectful way to go on your hiatus guilt-free. Let the people you have obligations to, or feel responsible for, know that you will be taking some time away.

  1. Be Clear: let them know when you will be leaving, for how long, why, and when you will be coming back

2. Delegate

Making sure that your responsibilities will still be handled while you’re away is also the most responsible way to go on your hiatus, and guilt-free.

Take inventory: while you’re out-of-comission, what still needs to be handled?

  1. Delegate: if you have time-sensitive tasks that need to be completed while you’re away, delegate them to someone responsible (emphasis on responsible. It’s going to be kinda hard to unplug if you’re worried that the person that is supposed to be standing in for you will do a good job).

Who can stand in for you while you unplug? Can your spouse, in-laws, sister, or friend watch your kids?

3. Set Everyone Up For Success While You’re Gone

You’re a responsible person. You care about the people and things that you are responsible to and for, so it’s going to be hard for you not to make sure everyone and everything will survive while you’re away.

  1. What can you do to make things easier for what you’re leaving behind while you’re “away”?

Maybe it’s meal-prepping breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the week for your family, getting a sitter, having a colleague be your eyes and ears at the office, setting up email sequences so you can still make your sales, or leaving “how-to’s” or tips on how to perform some of the tasks you typically handle. Things such as “this client is in Europe and requires early AM meetings”, “don’t let Timmy tell you he has no homework or that he did it at school, he’s full of deceipt and will say whatever is required to get snacks and iPad time”, or “put the water in second“.


Don’t work yourself into the ground, babe. Don’t work yourself sick. Don’t work yourself stressed. Don’t work yourself unhappy.. Take time to unplug.

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